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Pokemon Go will arrive in July at the latest

Word from Nintendo has revealed that we can expect Pokemon Go to hit mobile devices by July... and we might even get it this month.

Published onJune 15, 2016


At Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event, Shigeru Miyamoto was showing off the Pokemon GO Plus device. This little contraption is a handy wearable that lets you stay in touch with the augmented reality of Pokemon Go without having your smartphone constantly out. We learned that the company hopes to have this device available by July and that it would cost $35 and yada yada yada when does the app come out? Nintendo leads were coy about saying anything too specific about an app release date, but later on in the livestream, they indicated that the app would be on the market before the wearable was available.

By rubbing three or four brain cells together, we’ve used this information to deduce that Pokemon Go is expected to hit the Google Play Store by the end of July at the latest, and we might even get it this month.


For those somehow not in the know, this mobile app is an augmented reality game that puts you on the road as a Pokemon trainer. Users will have to pick sides and duke it out with each other at local gyms, raising champions to stand as vigilant representatives of your team. Journey to landmark locations to uncover items, tools, and Pokemon eggs.

Pokemon Go beta officially arrives in the US

You’re going to have to put in some actual legwork to get these babies to hatch, because just like in the Gameboy versions, conditions of the prehistoric Pokemon world had conditions that resulted in it being evolutionarily advantageous for eggs not to hatch until they had been thoroughly shaken on a long journey. Of course you’ll also be encountering Pokemon in the wild and hurling pokeballs at their adorable little heads to add them to your collection of enslaved battle pets.

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Pokemon Go will be free-to-play with in-app purchases, and we’re seriously crossing our fingers that these won’t be ridiculous game breakers. What are your thoughts regarding Pokemon Go and its newly revealed arrival date? Let us know in the comments below!

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