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Pokemon Go footage leaked from SXSW

We just got a peek at actual Pokemon Go footage in which some lunatic wastes a Masterball on a Ivysaur.

Published onMarch 21, 2016

The hype surrounding Pokemon Go will see it being either one of the biggest mobile games of all time or one of the biggest gaming disappointments of all time, largely depending on how microtransactions are handled. Although we didn’t get any more information regarding that crucial little detail this week, we did get a peek at actual Pokemon Go footage in which some lunatic captures a Ivysaur with a Masterball. What a waste!

Pokemon Go is an AR game that lets you "catch 'em all" in real life

For those who have been marooned on an island Tom Hanks style or who are perhaps Amish teens on Rumspringa, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that is basically every 90’s kid’s fantasy come true – barring genetically engineered Pikachu companions. The game lets you view your world through a Pokemon-populated lens. Users can travel the world to capture new kinds of Pokemon and battle with other players in real time.


Concerns have been raised over the game’s model. Pokemon Go is free to play, meaning that it’s aiming to make cash through microtransactions. Some worry that this could cripple the game’s potential by strong-arming fans into paying over loads of money to play the game as much as they would like to. Unfortunately, the video above doesn’t give us anything to go on in that regard, but some are speculating that the little crystal icon in the corner of the screen might indicate some form of in-game currency.

Are you excited about Pokemon Go, or does “cautious optimism” better describe your attitude? How could this game get it right, and how could they totally blow it? Let us know your predictions and your take on this leaked video in the comments below!

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