Pokemon Go AR Catch Screen

Developer Niantic Labs has already confirmed it will reveal some major updates for its augmented reality game Pokémon Go on Monday, Dec. 12. Now, some people have code dived into the latest version of the game and discovered what may be included in that update.

Many previous rumors claim that the game could see 100 new Pokémon creatures added to next week. However, the code inside the new 0.49.1 version for Android shows that might not be all that will be added to the game. If you don’t want your experience ruined beforehand, consider everything beyond this sentence as a spoiler.

The code reportedly shows that Niantic could add Male and Female genders to the creatures in the game. Also, some creatures will get very rare shiny color variants, according to the code. Avatar customization might be in the works, as players can change the avatar’s hair, shirts, pants and much more. Finally, the code suggests that the creatures could get optional costumes to wear, perhaps in a holiday-themed event.

It’s important to keep in mind that the developer might decide not to put in some or all of these features in the next update, as the code might just be placeholders for future versions of the game. Which new feature are you most excited about for Pokémon Go?

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