Pokemon Duel, a free-to-play boardgame, has been released on Android and iOS today. The title sees players take control collectable Pokémon figurines in a turn-based game of tactics similar to the likes of chess or checkers.

The aim of Pokemon Duel is to move one of your six figures to the opposing team’s goal — the strategic element comes from how you choose to move, attack and block the opposing player. The game features both player-vs-AI and player-vs-player battles, with online leaderboards and unlockable content.

Though it appears to have come out of nowhere, The Pokemon Company actually released the title almost a year ago in Japan under the name Pokémon Co-master. Check out the trailer for it below (and make sure you’ve got your volume turned up to 11).

Fans of Pokemon Go will no doubt be excited to check it out, but it’s not going to have the same impact. Heck, what will?

You can download Pokemon Duel from the Google Play Store at the link and let us know what you think of it in the comments.