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Remember POGs? Well they’re back… in mobile form

Get out your raddest slammers and commit to playing for keeps, because POGs are making a comeback in a new mobile AR game.

Published onJune 5, 2018

A screenshot of the Alf POGs from an episode of The Simpsons.
  • POGs are making a comeback, with a new mobile AR game crowdfunding now on Indiegogo.
  • The game is officially licensed by the World POG Federation.
  • Early backers get a limited edition golden slammer that they can upload to use in virtual games.

If you are old enough to remember POGs, congratulations: you are old, like me. For those of you who are too young to remember POGs, you missed out on one of the quickest and most ridiculous fads the world has ever known.

At the height of POG popularity, kids were banned from bringing the milk cap toys to school, as they were too obstructive to learning. There’s even a story about a kid who sold his soul to a friend and then that friend traded the soul for a set of POGs depicting the lovable alien Alf. It was truly a wild time.

Well, just like Full House, the Super Nintendo, Roseanne, and the Nokia 3000 series, the 90s are back, and it seems that POGs are coming back, too.

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Right now, on Indiegogo, Compton Technology – in affiliation with the official World POG Federation, which is a thing – is crowdfunding a mobile AR game called POGs AR. Using augmented reality, you’ll be able to slam POGs with your friends both far and near.

Slam POGs? Milk caps? What is this insanity?

POGs are cardboard discs about the size of a silver dollar. One side of the disc is the POG logo or simply blank, and on the other is whatever suits your fancy: rad skulls, wicked cool robots, fetch sharks, and even O.J. Simpson. You stack the POGs upside down, and then slam the stack with a slammer: a metal disc that also comes in neato designs and colors. Any of the POGs that flip over are yours to keep.

That’s it, that’s the whole game. It’s almost like a gateway to gambling for children, as it’s incredibly easy for kids to lose all their beloved POGs in one quick showdown.

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POGs AR will operate in much the same fashion, although in a virtual sense. You’ll choose which POGs in your virtual library that you’d like to wager in a round, and then slam away and hope you don’t lose your favorites.

If you’re someone who still has a POG collection for some reason, don’t worry: you’ll be able to scan and upload your favorite POGs into the game so you can play those virtually.

Early backers of the game will get a physical limited edition golden slammer. You will then be able to scan that physical slammer into the AR game, which will let all your opponents know that you are a true POG fanatic.

Click the button below to see the Indiegogo page for yourself.

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