Google Play Music podcasts

It’s been a long time coming, but Google has finally added podcasts to Google Play Music.

First announced back in October 2015, Google got us very excited when they told us podcasts were coming to the popular music platform. We basically heard nothing about the news for a few months, but now they’re finally here. Starting today, folks in the United States and Canada can search for and stream podcasts from the web. Google says this functionality will be rolling out to the Android app sometime soon.

If you’re already using a dedicated podcast application, you’ll be familiar with how this works. You can search and subscribe to podcasts, download individual episodes to your device, and get notified once new episodes arrive. Why is this awesome? Well, if you happen to use Google Play Music as your music player of choice, now you can have access to your music library and podcasts all in one place.

Android Authority podcast google play music

And in case you were wondering, yes — you can listen to the Android Authority Podcast on Google Play Music right now! Simply follow this link, click the subscribe button, and you’ll have access to all of our latest episodes!

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