Earlier this year, Google and Childish Gambino joined forces to bring the shirtless dancing moves of the rap star to Google Playground. The Playmoji of Gambino — a.k.a. Donald Glover — could be inserted into your photos and videos and even interact with you while you shoot.

Now, Google and Childish Gambino are at it again, this time with an AR mobile game called Pharos AR, available now for Android and iOS.

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The game is full of neon lights and bright colors and features a soundtrack of Childish Gambino tunes.

When you begin Pharos AR, you step into a portal, signifying your movement into a new, surreal world. Once there, you travel through a long corridor that allows you to see the real world but only to keep your bearings as you navigate through the AR world and find hidden glyphs.

Check out the GIF below for an example:

After finding all the hidden glyphs, you can ascend to new levels within the universe. You can play Pharos AR alone, or you can use the multiplayer mode to share your progress with friends as you go along.

Pharos AR is built with Google’s ARCore, so you (and your friends) will need smartphones which support that technology. You can find a full list of those devices here, but in general, most newer flagship smartphones will work.

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