Pebble Time Round

Back in September Pebble unveiled the latest member of its Pebble Time family, and its very first circular watch, the Pebble Time Round. While the watch was made available for pre-order at the time, it wasn’t expected to start shipping until sometime in November. Now Pebble has confirmed the watch will ship to those that pre-ordered on November 9th.

Not only will the Pebble Time Round ship next week, it will also be landing in Target and Best Buy retail stores that same day.

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Aside from a rounded display that gives it a unique look, the Pebble Time Round is essentially the same device as earlier members of the Time family. That means you still get an e-paper color display and battery life that should last at least several days, depending on your usage. The Round also features quick charging that can get you a full day’s use in just 15 minutes.

Pebble announces its first round smartwatch, the Pebble Time Round

The Pebble Time Round will set consumers back $249.99, the same price as it was offered for during its pre-order period. The watch will come in Black, Silver, and Gold – though the latter choice will only be available for the 14mm watch band size, with the other two being offered for both 14mm and 20mm bands.

Anyone pre-order the Pebble Time Round? Or do you plan on picking it up directly from a brick-in-mortar retailer next week? Share your thoughts in the comments.