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We asked, you told us: Most of you use third-party password managers

But there are still some of you who don't use any default or third-party password manager.

Published onMay 10, 2021

1password vs lastpass

World Password Day was on May 6 and to mark the occasion, we conducted a poll on our website asking our readers if they use a password manager on their devices. Some browsers and devices come with built-in password managers that help automatically fill out your passwords. You can also use a third-party password manager to do the job of storing your sensitive passwords or help generate more secure passwords for your online accounts.

So which one is it that you use? Or are you someone who doesn’t use any password manager at all? Here’s how you voted in our poll.

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Do you use a password manager on any of your devices?


We received a total of 3,829 votes in our password manager poll and the results are unanimous — most of you (69.2%) use third-party password managers on your browser or phone.

Meanwhile, 16.8% of you prefer using the default password manager available on your web browser or device.

Default managers don’t offer as many features as third-party password managers that can work across different platforms. However, it’s still prudent to use them for added security without the need for any extra downloads or subscription fees.

Our poll results also show that there are some people who don’t use a password manager at all. 13.9% of our readers fall under this category. We’re not sure if they memorize all their passwords or write them down somewhere. The latter, of course, is not a safe practice at all. It’s also not advisable to have the same password for all your accounts. That trick may make it easy for you to remember your password, but it is considered one of the most unsafe practices online.

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Your comments

MM_Rafez: I simply put my faith in Chrome and Edge. Still don’t save important passwords and usernames.

sachouba: I recently had to change password managers because LastPass has made its free version all but useless.
The transition to Bitwarden was surprisingly painless, it took just a few minutes. Goodbye LastPass!

Bonedatt: I’ve been using Dashlane for about a decade.

Andrew Hope: I’d been using Lastpass for years, but I’d been searching for another free (& preferably opensource) replacement & landed on Bitwarden 6 months ago. Seems now, in hindsight, that was perfect timing as Lastpass screwed their users yet further. Have to say, porting your passwords over, from Lastpass to Bitwarden, was very simple, seamless & worked perfectly. Have Bitwarden on all my android devices & computers & it’s brilliant. Also moved over to Authy, from Google Authenticator, for 2FA & it is much better for this purpose too. Authy also has a desktop app as well as options for retrieving if you lose a device etc.

Eric Pearson: Microsoft authenticator seems to be a nice free option. Easily meshes with Android and Chrome PC Bowser’s and also contains 2FA abilities for sites like Amazon and Facebook. Easy as setting my fingerprint to use passwords on my phone.

jackson ombati: It’s practically impossible to remember tens of passwords one needs to use in this error. Thus password manager is a must.

Victor B: Nowadays with identity theft happening, phones can possibly be lost/stolen and emails being hacked, that extra layer of password security is a must on any device.

mattc: For a long time I used Google’s password manager, but found it a pain across different locations. So After an attempt at using 1password, I tried NordPass. And finally, I settled on MS edge manager. It seems to be the best across my devices and browsers.

B. Niess: I always let Google create passwords for me. But Google needs to add an option to manually add passwords.

2Star Hoodlum: I just use Google password manager so it syncs to everything I use. And it tells me I have 20 reused passwords. Really gotta change that!!

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