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Updated: Paranoid Android's Peek feature makes its way to Google Play


Published onMay 22, 2014

Peek Paranoid Android 2

Update: Google Play Store link is now back online. The developers have also clarified that the APK downloadable from Github is not from them.

Custom Android ROMs each have their own highlight characteristics. A prominent feature on Paranoid Android, for example, is Peek, which gives enhanced access to notifications, which are available through motion-detection. For example, simply lifting your smartphone from the table or taking it out from your pocket wakes up the screen, and shows you actionable notifications right from the lockscreen.

In the developer’s own words:

The design philosophy behind peek was to deliver a smartwatch convenience. When you receive a notification Peek will start listening for movement like being taken out of a pocket or lifted off a table. If movement is [detected] within 10 seconds of receiving a notification A minimalist UI displays your active notifications. No need to press any buttons or unlock any screens, just click or slide to select a notification and the app is launched.

Peek uses a combination of sensors in determining motion and intent, including the gyroscope and proximity sensor. The feature supposedly uses smart battery-saving techniques to prevent unnecessary battery drain. For instance, if a user does not pick up the device after a certain duration, then Peek returns to an idle state, waiting for notifications rather than waiting for the phone to be picked up.

Peek Paranoid Android 2

A similar app was earlier made available as an APK for side-loading, but Paranoid Android developers have launched Peek as a Google Play release (clarification: the developers have commented below that the APK available from Github is not from them). The app works on any KitKat device, and no rooting is necessary. Earlier today, Paranoid Android developer Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo shared that the app offers new design and typography and extended functionalities, including blacklist. Credit for the development and redesign also goes to Francisco Franco of franco.Kernel fame, as well as John Xionidis and Lo Huot.

The app briefly made an appearance on the Google Play Store, although the developers had to take it down shortly after for some bug fixes. The Play Store link is available below, but is currently offline. If you’re keen on trying Notification Peek, you can download a similar APK via Github.

Do stay tuned for updates.

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