In a blog post, Pandora announced that podcasts are now available to all listeners.

The Pandora app now features a new “Recommended Podcasts For You” tab. From there, you can search for your favorite podcast or listen to one that’s, well, recommended for you.

According to Pandora, it spent the last year fine-tuning its Podcast Genome Project to dole out personal recommendations. Similar to the Music Genome Project, the Podcast Genome Project looks at several attributes across content categories and signals like thumbs, skips, collects, and plays.

From there, the Podcast Genome Project uses several machine learning approaches to learn your preferences. It also combines those approaches with Pandora’s curation team to offer podcast recommendations down to the episode level.

That is a bold claim, but Pandora achieves similar results with its Music Genome Project.

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As for the catalog, Pandora said it has hundreds of podcasts with over 100,000 episodes. The podcasts stretch across genres like news, true crime, sports, comedy, music, business, technology, entertainment, kids, health, and science.

You can expect to find popular podcasts like This American Life and Serial. People can sign up here to have their podcasts possibly included in Pandora.

It makes sense for Pandora to feature podcasts. Competitors like Spotify and Google Play Music also include podcasts, which have increased in popularity in recent years. Including podcasts helps Pandora keep pace with the competition.

We should also mention that we have three (yes, three!) podcasts for your listening pleasure. You can find all of them linked below: