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The Origibot aims to turn your Android tablet into a telepresence robot

The Origibot is an affordable telepresence robot that pairs with your Android phone or tablet, and can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Published onFebruary 19, 2015

We may not have robots roaming the streets quite yet, but if the Origibot has anything to do with it, that will soon become a reality. The Origibot is an affordable telepresence robot, and has just launched an Indiegogo campaign two days ago. So, how does it work? The Origibot pairs with an Android phone or tablet that will act as the eyes and ears of the robot. Your phone or tablet will then connect to any other internet-capable gadget (including Android, iOS, Windows or Mac devices) via the company’s secure cloud service. Your Android device will act as the robot’s communication hub, giving you a two-way audio/video experience, and your other connected device will be the remote control for the robot’s movements, including the arm and gripper.

The Origibot is made out of aluminum with a few 3D-printed plastic parts. It’s also very thin, which will be nice for navigating through tight spaces or crowded rooms. The Origibot creators assure us that the end product will ship with an adjustable device mount to better fit Android devices of all sizes up to a 10-inch display.

What can you do with the Origibot? In the video above, the robot is used to open, close, lock or unlock doors, grab some water, and even bring grandma her meds.

The remote technology uses WebRTC, so the web interface will be simple, light and responsive, which is why you’ll be able to use it on a mobile device. You can use the web interface to control the robot’s neck, arm, wrist, gripper and drive the robot. The Origibot team explains that this robot is “fully hackable,” which will allow for modifications where you see fit. All custom components are 3D printed, and .stl files will be available for download.

If you’re interested, here’s a full list of perks available on the Indiegogo site:

  • Early Bird Origibot Basic (no arm or gripper) – $329
  • Origibot Basic (no arm or gripper) – $399
  • Early Bird Origibot Plus (with arm and gripper) – $599
  • Origibot Plus (with arm and gripper) – $699
  • Early Pre-Order Origibot Plus – $199 up front, $450 on shipment date
  • Add a 7-inch Android Tablet – $99 (no mention on which tablet will be included)

The Origibot Plus will ship to backers in August 2015, and will retail for $899. The robot has already racked up almost $5,500 within the first three days of its campaign, which is 30% of its $18,000 goal. The campaign doesn’t end for another 38 days, so we’re sure the Origibot will reach its goal by then. This may not seem like the most futuristic robot out there, but the idea is simple and might be worth checking out. If you’re interested, head to the Indiegogo page below for more information.

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