It’s always refreshing to see devs getting clever with gameplay mechanics on mobile devices, and Orbit’s Odyssey is certainly no exception. When parasitic robotic space zombies invade your peaceful planet for its precious gems, it falls to you to save the day. Using your “planet portal” abilities, you have to outmaneuver and outwit legions of replicating baddies across the multiverse. You’re on a time limit and the robots are always on the march, so the pressure is on to figure out the bizarre gravitational patterns of increasingly complex celestial body arrangements.

The controls are surprisingly natural. Leaning completely on taps, this game doesn’t require a bit of the swiping that occasionally makes mobile games feel clunkier than their physical controller counterparts. It starts off a bit ho-hum with some super easy tutorial levels, but after they start throwing multiple planets into the equation… things get quite a bit tougher.

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If gameplay alone wasn’t enough to gravitate toward, check out those aesthetics. Orbit’s Odyssey uses a mix of paper mache and 3D graphics to create a truly unique feel. For the price of a cup of coffee, you get a complete, intact game with 90 levels and multiple unlockable characters. If you’re interested in the kind of puzzles that play around with spacetime and gravity, you’re in luck here. Click the button below to grab it from the Play Store. No in-app purchases here: just unfettered gaming after you throw two bucks at it.

Have you given Orbit’s Odyssey a spin yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Android Authority to see all the most intriguing mobile games as they hit the market.

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