Opera Max is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to get full control of their data usage or maximize their browsing speeds. Today Opera announced that an update to the app includes their latest “Opera Turbo” technology, a much more sophisticated method of proxying data for browsers and apps. This means that Opera Max just got much faster and much more secure.

The app has long been a favorite of those who regularly interact with crowded and sluggish public wi-fi networks. Opera Max optimizes streaming content to so that you can play music or video without hiccups, even on the faintest wi-fi network. However, security is always a concern on public networks, so the Opera team has been hard at work figuring out how to make the data you stream through Opera Max more secure. The solution involves the implementation better VPN connections: SPDY SSL rather than HTTP 1.1. SSL encryption makes data transfer between your smartphone and Opera Max’s servers far more secure, which means you can rest easier when using public wi-fi networks.

Opera claims that using SPDY is making your browsing much faster. SPDY is part of the upcoming HTTP 2.0 standard developed by Google for mobile connections, and is currently in-use on the Android Chrome app if you have Data Saving enabled. Using SPDY allegedly improves speed by as much as 23%.

You can take advantage of these new security and speed boosts by updating Opera Max. If you haven’t tried this optimizing app before, give it a spin by clicking the button below.

Are you an Opera Max user? Let us know how your experience with the app has been so far in the comments!

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