Omate is known for its fashion-centric wearable technology, offering gorgeous devices like the Omate X and Lutetia, but their latest product may be the oddest of the bunch. This could be both good or bad, depending on your needs. The Ungaro Ring doesn’t do much, but that could be great for those who want a simple wearable that keeps you connected to the person who really matters most.

The concept is basic: the Omate Ungaro Ring will vibrate every time a specific person calls or texts you. Yes, only one person of your choosing; the device will ignore every other notification. It connects via Bluetooth LE and manages to adapt to your life by featuring 5-day battery life. Just take it off about once a week and let the small battery charge for a while.


And while the Ungaro Ring lacks all the smart features us tech geeks are so used to, it makes up for things by touting a gorgeous design. Of course, that part of the making was led by French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro. This thing is plated with either 18K gold or silver. In addition, the customer can choose between blue topaz, opalite, onyx, sapphire and ruby for the stone adorning the top.

Now, get ready for the bad news. The Ungaro Ring is by no means cheap. Remember, it is a designer gadget made of precious materials. The Omate Ungaro Ring will start at $500. If that is not pricey enough for you, prices can go up to a ridiculous $2000, depending on the configuration.


Interested? The launch is scheduled for November, but only the iOS app will be out by then. Us Android folk have to wait until Q1 2016 for the app to hit the Google Play Store.

Is anyone actually buying into this one? Maybe it would be good as some kind of geeky proposal ring.

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