Android geeks love installing different ROMs onto their devices, as they offer more customization options to play around with.

Well, if you’re an Android geek and currently use a OnePlus 3 device, you’re in luck. Nightly builds of CyanogenMod 14 for the OnePlus 3 have been released last week. The ROM bring a few nifty customization tricks for the status bar, which allow you to tweak its icons as well as modify the clock style. You can also enable features like Brightness control, which allows you to adjust the screen’s brightness by sliding your finger across the status bar, and Notification count, which displays the number of pending notifications.

Other features include Double-tap to sleep and Quick pulldown that brings up the quick settings by swiping down from the top right side.

Before you get too excited, please keep two things in mind. First, you need a rooted OnePlus 3 to install the ROM. And second, some features do not fully work yet. Among these is the battery icon that doesn’t change when the device is plugged in.

Despite a few bugs here and there, the CyanogenMod 14 should be stable enough for daily use. If you are interested in downloading it, please visit the XDA-Developers forum for more details on head over straight to the download page to get CM14 right now.

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