Members of the closed beta testing program for the Nextbit Robin smartphone can now download and try out its version of Android 7.0 Nougat. The version of Google’s new OS for the Robin was created with the assistance of the Paranoid Android custom ROM development team.

You may remember that back in September, the Paranoid Android team added the Nextbit Robin to its list of devices that supported its custom ROM, thanks in part to Nextbit sending the team Robin devices to work with. It appears that the two parties have continued to collaborate. In a blog post, Nextbit stated it exchanged “ideas, code, and resources” with the Paranoid Android team so the NextbitOS can work with Nougat. Also, the Paranoid Android’s version of Nougat got help from Nextbit so it can work well on the Robin.

The final result is now available to download for Robin beta testers, and if you own that smartphone, you can sign up now to receive the Nougat beta at the link below. Nextbit does warn that if owners have modded their Robin phone, it is not recommended that they get this update.

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