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Nomu M8: Rugged for reality

The Nomu M8 is a highly rugged smartphone that's not only waterproof and dustproof, but also has nano antibacterial protection.

Published onJune 20, 2019

Nomu M8

We like our technology to have a certain sleekness, a certain panache. However, the realities of our everyday lives stand in direct threat to most elegant designs. We use our phones more than any other device, and for some of us, it’s the most expensive piece of technology we own. But they’re vulnerable to dropping, wear and tear, and water.

Historically, the solution has been to either buy a beautiful but fragile device and then hide away its sleekness in a bulky protective case, or to buy a phone specifically built to handle reality.

Nomu M8
Rugged smartphones are an increasingly attractive option for many users burned one too many times by a shattered screen or an overheated battery, but Nomu is bringing something a little bit different to the table.

The Nomu M8 offers everything you would expect of a rugged-build phone. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof — you know, the works. But the M8 is unique because it specifically addresses two pains common among smartphone users. One you’re already aware of; the other you might not have ever thought about.

The obvious improvement is slimness. Most rugged smartphones have the heavy, bulky feel of a device in a case, but the M8’s 5.2-inch display, 9.7mm thickness, and light 200g heft make it as attractive and lithe as the latest flagships. In spite of its elegant appearance, the M8 boasts ultra-rugged, Military Standard certifications that ensure toughness inside and out. The device clears IP68 and IP69K protection levels simultaneously. Take it kayaking and snap pictures underwater without ever losing a thought to worry or missing a moment due to cumbersome pocket snagging.

Nomu M8

The less obvious improvement is actually much more important, but we don’t think about it very often. We wash our hands every time we use the bathroom, but we use our phones day in and day out, everywhere we go, through meals, in the car, after shaking hands. We take it outside, inside, to the bathroom with us, into our beds, on our tables. Anywhere a human being can encounter dangerous bacteria, our phone is there with us. Unlike our bodies, we don’t have a habit of washing our phones. Considering most toilet seats test cleaner for bacteria than most phone screens, it’s an alarming thought!

That’s why the Nomu M8 comes with nano antibacterial protection.

The M8 doesn’t just protect itself. It protects you.

Both the aluminum alloy frame and the glass cover have been coated with antibacterial tech that is intrinsically hostile to bacterial growth. This makes the M8 a smartphone that’s rugged not just to protect itself. It also protects you.

The M8 is a rugged smartphone built for everyday realities — even those realities we’d rather not think about.

Want to learn more? Check out the M8’s full specs below!

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