While quick charging and other tech improvements are making it easier to top off a phone’s battery, there are still times when you need to top off your phone but don’t have immediate access to a power outlet. In those instances, a power pack sure comes in handy. But how many of us actually bring an external battery everywhere we go? You just might, if this battery happened to also be your wallet.

The new Nomad Wallet looks like a fairly standard wallet at first glance, with a leather exterior and the ability to hold six cards, as well as some cash, receipts, or whatever else have you. The overall size also looks about what you’d expect from a real wallet, at 25 x 85 x 125mm. But what makes the Nomad truly stand out is that its hinge has a rechargeable power bank with a capacity of 2,400 mAh – which should be enough to charge most phones, or at the very least give it a nice top-off to last you until you’re able to get to that wall socket again.

Unfortunately, the only version currently up for pre-order is designed specifically for iPhone users, featuring a Lightning connector. The good news is that an Android version is supposedly on its way “soon”, so if you are at all interested in the concept, you might want to keep an eye on their website. We’ll also keep watch and update this post when the Android model becomes available.

As for the pricing? If the Android version sticks to the iPhone-charging model’s pricing, you can expect it to be offered for around $90. What do you think of the idea, could you see yourself purchasing one of these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.