motorola Droid turbo verizon

The high-end Moto Maxx recently arrived in Latin America but apparently won’t be enjoying the global rollout that the smartphone deserves. According to Motorola’s official French Twitter account, the smartphone will not be made available in Europe.

Originally a Motorola tweet suggested that the Moto Maxx would not be coming to France. Further questioning resulted in the admission that the entirety of Europe would also miss out on Motorola’s latest flagship, which is rather disappointing. The definitive translated tweet reads: “This smartphone will unfortunately not available in Europe!”

If you are feeling optimistic, this news could still leave the door open for the Moto Maxx, aka the Droid Turbo, to reappear in Europe at a later date under yet another name-tag, but that seems unlikely. There could be a number of issues behind Motorola’s decision. Limited components or high costs of production to bring the Maxx to another continent, excessive marketing expenditure in the more saturated European market, or perhaps the company just wants to focus on Latin America.

With the Moto Maxx remaining absent in Europe, we will have to see if Motorola has other plans, beyond the Moto-X, for another top tier smartphone next year.

Are you disappointed by the news, or do you feel that smartphones like the Note 4 and Nexus 6 already cater for this market in Europe?

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