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The best SD cards for the Nintendo Switch

Store your files and games without issue.

Published onNovember 15, 2022

Nintendo Switch Header 17
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with much storage, with 32GB built-in on the Switch and Switch Lite, while the Switch OLED bumps that to 64GB. With games an average of 8GB, and some explicitly requiring expandable storage, you’ll definitely need a microSD card for your new hybrid console, among other things. Here are some of the best SD cards you can get for the Nintendo Switch.

The best SD cards for the Nintendo Switch

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Curtis Joe / Android Authority

You should be aware of a few requirements before buying an SD card for the Nintendo Switch. First, only microSD cards will work with the Switch. SD cards and miniSD cards aren’t compatible because of the slot size. The Switch supports all types of microSD cards — microSD (up to 2GB storage), microSDHC (4 to 32GB storage), and microSDXC (storage above 32GB). 

At a minimum, Nintendo recommends microSD cards that are UHS-1 compatible and with transfer speeds between 60 and 95Mbps. Here’s a roundup of the best microSD cards you can get for the Nintendo Switch.

SanDisk Nintendo Switch microSD cards

SanDisk for Nintendo Switch

These officially licensed microSD cards are the best option for the Nintendo Switch. It’s not a first-party product, but this is as close as it gets if you want expandable storage for your console. You can get different storage capacities, starting at 64GB and going up to 512GB. Prices start at under $20 for the 64GB version and go to $129.99 for 512GB of storage. Regardless of the storage, all versions of the microSD card come with 100Mbps read speeds and 90Mbps write speeds, surpassing the minimum requirements for a Switch microSD.

SanDisk Ultra

SanDisk 32GB Ultra

While the licensed SanDisk microSD cards are great, you are paying a premium for the official tag and game logos on the card. The SanDisk Ultra gives you faster read speeds of 120Mbps, for a lower price. You also get more storage options, with the cards starting at 32GB and going up to 1TB of storage. The SanDisk Ultra starts at $9.99 for 32GB of storage and up to $199.99 for 1TB.

Lexar Play

nintendo switch microsd lexar play


The Lexar Play microSD cards are compatible with the Nintendo Switch and other portable gaming devices and offer read speeds up to 150Mbps. They also have an A2 rating for app performance and are U3 cards, ensuring fast transfer speeds. You get storage options from 128GB  to 1TB, starting at $16.99 and $130, respectively.

Samsung EVO Select

Samsung EVO Select


The Samsung EVO Select microSD cards have a new look, but that’s not the only difference compared to the older version. The Class 10 U3 cards now come with A2 and V30 certification for app performance and video recording capabilities and offer transfer speeds of up to 130Mbps. The EVO Select is also one of the comparatively cheaper options, starting at $10.99 for 64GB storage and going up to $44.99 for 512GB.

PNY Premier-X

nintendo switch microsd pny premier x


The PNY Premier-X are Class 10 U3 microSD cards with A2 and V30 certifications for app performance and video recording. You’ll get read and write speeds of 100Mbps and 90Mbps, respectively, which is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. Available storage options start at 64GB and up to 512GB. The PNY Premier-X is also relatively cheap, depending on the storage option. It starts at $8.99 for the 64GB microSD card and goes up to $49.99 for 512GB.


If you are more than a casual gamer, you will likely need an SD card for your console. The 32GB and 64GB (on the Switch OLED) of built-in storage isn’t enough to hold more than a handful of games. Some games also specifically require a microSD card to work.

You can save downloadable software, software update data, game DLC (Downloadable Content), screenshots, and captured videos on a microSD card.

Check out our guide on how to insert a microSD card in a Nintendo Switch to get started.

The Nintendo Switch only supports microSD cards because of the slot size. If you get a high-capacity microSDXC card with storage above 32GB, you might need to update your console.

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