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Night Teeth review: Bite into this vampire horror original on Netflix

Sexy vampires, supernatural mob feuds, and more!

Published onOctober 20, 2021

Netflix continues to deliver some original spooky season programming. The brand new vampire flick from I See You director Adam Randall, Night Teeth, is the latest horror original to land at the streamer.

With a fresh but familiar take, some killer performances, and a super stylish look, you’ll definitely want to add Night Teeth to your Haloween viewing list.

Check out our review below.

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Netflix is still the leading premium streaming service, with over 200 million worldwide subscribers. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to binge watch, including its always growing list of original films and series, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, and many more.

What is Night Teeth about?

Night Teeth on Netflix

In Night Teeth, an unsuspecting chauffeur comes to realize his fares for the night are more than they seem.

Benny is looking to make some extra cash, so he takes his older brother Jay’s shift driving a limo for the night. What he doesn’t know is that Jay is part of a truce between humans and vampires, and he’s been marked for death by a faction of vampires looking to shake things up.

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The two young women Benny has picked up think he’s Jay (since he’s subbing for big bro), and things get out of hand fast. Once Benny realizes he’s driving two blood-thirsty vampires embroiled in the night’s carnage, he has to convince them he’s not Jay, fight to save his family, and deal with the feelings he’s developing for one of the two.

A mob story with teeth

Netflix vampire film

The hook is simple. In one night, a generations-old truce will be broken, and established power structures will be tested.

At its core, Night Teeth is a mob movie, with an innocent chauffeur being pulled into an underworld he’d rather not even know existed. Think Collateral, but the mobsters are vampires.

Mobsters and vampires are an oddly perfect pairing.

Organized crime is a perfect framing device. Mobsters get to hide in plain sight, and for vampires to survive, they need to live their lives undetected. Put a sophisticated system of money and intimidation in place, and bingo. Vampires in our midst.

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The premise plays out well. It’s a smart way to keep the action moving. And it raises the stakes (pardon the pun) for vampires with everything to gain but even more to lose.

But what’s true for people is just as true for vamps. Eventually, the people in power have to prove themselves. And there will always be someone waiting in the wings, hungry for more than they have.

A stylish, neon-soaked vamp pic

Night Teeth

Vampire movies don’t need to be sexy and stylish. Nosferatu is perhaps the most famous example of this, stripping away everything suave and appealing about Dracula to foreground the depravity and ugliness of feasting on human blood.

But there’s something undeniably fun about vampires who are hot and untamed and spend as much of their screen time seducing — vamping even — as they do preying on their victims. A major appeal of vampires is the tension between the threat they pose and the liberation they promise.

Vampires pose a threat, but they also offer liberation.

That’s the arena Night Teeth is playing in, and it does a terrific job. Among the various vampire mob bosses are a couple played by Sydney Sweeney and Megan Fox. The two embody this element of the film expertly. Or there’s the himbo surfer played by Alexander Ludwig. He lives a life of slacker luxury, laid back and carefree.

The world these vampires live in is cool, stylish, sexy, and dangerous. It’s a fun ride.

Night Teeth review: The verdict

Night Teeth

It’s hard to resist Night Teeth. Between the film’s stylish look, its fun premise, and its quick, kinetic pace, Night Teeth is a real winner.

Add the spot-on chemistry between Benny and vampire Blaire, as well as the pitch-perfect casting of Megan Fox as a man-eating lesbian vampire — perhaps a nod to her cult-classic performance in Jennifer’s Body — and the film feels pre-sold to a certain kind of horror audience.

(Hint: If you like wisecracking, sarcastic young women toying with men, set against bloody murder and nightclub brawls, this one’s for you.)

Check it out on Netflix, starting October 20.

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