Some users on Reddit are reporting bootloop issues on their Nexus 6P devices, and Google says it’s a hardware-related problem.

The Huawei Nexus 6P may have been the last Nexus device ever, but it’s still a solid device loved by many. Google finally rolled out the Nougat update for the phablet, and it seems like some Nexus 6P units are stuck on a never-ending bootloop after the update. In fact, some Nexus 5X users are reporting similar issues after the Nougat update.

However, a Google representative assures on Reddit that this is not due to the software update but strictly hardware-related:

We understand that a very small number of users are experiencing a bootloop issue on you [sic] device. We are continuing to investigate the situation, but can confirm that this is strictly a hardware related issue. For those of you that are currently experiencing this, please contact your place of purchase for warranty or repair options.

It seems like most users have tried re-flashing factory images or wiping their data to no avail. Once you contact Google, the company will send you a refurbished unit, but as many point out, it’s not entirely clear whether Google will extend warranties on these refurbished devices.

However, there is at least one person who’s successfully fixed their Nexus. A user by the name of ‘DartmouthBG’ (Go Big Green!) seems to have bypassed the bootloop by clearing cache and then wiping his data:

Solution was to clear cache, then wipe data. Phone ended up rebooting correctly, but had to restore the phone. It’s a pain, but at least it’s working again.

Though Google says the bootloop is strictly a hardware issue, it is curious that both Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X devices are suddenly affected by it after the most recent Nougat update. Is your device in a perpetual bootloop after the latest update? Any solution, or did you get your refurbished unit? Let us know in the comments below!

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