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Defect watch: Some Nexus 6 owners reporting back cover coming unglued

Some Nexus 6 owners have been reporting that their back plates are coming unglued from their devices. Some users say it has to do with their batteries expanding, while others say the back plate is just peeling off.
January 16, 2015

If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on Google’s Nexus 6, be weary of a defect that’s been happening to a few owners of the handset. Multiple users around the web have been reporting that the Nexus 6’s back cover is coming unglued. Under further investigation, a Reddit user experiencing this problem checked under the back cover to find that the battery was expanding, causing the cover to come undone. Motorola commented on one Twitter user’s post saying that they’ve been “seeing a few” devices come unglued. Some users are commenting that the battery is, in fact, expanding over a few weeks’ time, while others are saying that they’ve noticed it right when they take the device out of the box.

Since this is obviously a manufacturing defect, if you or anyone you know have been experiencing this problem, we suggest you contact Motorola’s Customer Care team to get the device replaced. But be careful if you’ve been seeing this problem on your handset, as defective batteries are a big safety hazard. If it helps at all, it seems as though Motorola and the carriers involved have been very good about replacing the defective units so far. So, you’ll likely have your new replacement phone up and running in no time.

Do you know anyone who’s been experiencing this defect? Let us know if you’ve had any problems.