Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing took to Weibo earlier today, unveiling a new image that shows off what might be a next-generation update to the Motorola Moto 360. Shortly after, the image and the CEO’s quote were removed, but this is the Internet — nothing is ever truly forgotten.

As you can see in the image above, the top half of the briefcase shows a variety of different smartwatches, all with different sizes of bands, watch faces and different materials as well. The bottom half better illustrates the different color choices that may be made available.


The watches here look an awful lot like the Moto 360, though one major design change (aside from coming in multiple sizes) is the addition of lugs for easily changing out watchbands, which also give the watch a more traditional look than the band style found on the current 360.

So what are we seeing here exactly? Yang Yuanqing’s quote very roughly translates to “Moto 360, matching the arrival of the era of freedom, our store in the future to increase the function of the watch shop.” While this admittedly rough translation sounds a bit like gibberish, the mention of “era of freedom” and “to increase the function of watch shop” could be alluding to an even further expanded Moto Maker option.


Right now, the Moto 360 Moto Maker option is pretty basic, letting you choose from a few different band materials, band sizes, watch face colors and that’s about it. What we could be looking at in the briefcase images above is a first look at what an expanded Moto Maker program might bring — letting you customize the size of the watch, the materials, the size of the band and more.

The biggest unknown is whether Motorola and Lenovo are simply creating revamped watch cases with more customization options, or if this is a complete overhaul in terms of under the hood specs. Considering the fact that the original Moto 360’s hardware was already quite dated even from launch day, a true 2nd-gen successor with improved specs would make a great deal of sense, but it’s really hard to say for sure at this stage. It is worth mentioning that the watches shown above seem to have the flat tire look still in tow, though they are likely mockup watch faces and don’t necessarily reflect the final product.

What do you think, like the idea of a Moto 360 with more customization options such as size of watch face? Would Motorola and Lenovo debut this program with new hardware, or is it possible they could just revamp the outercasing and call it a day? Share your thoughts in the comments.