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February 2, 2021
The new year is off to a cracking start with the unveiling of Samsung's new processor, the Exynos 2100, followed by the launch of the Galaxy S21. But that isn't all. Scroll down to find some Raspberry Pi Camera tutorials, and hear about how Qualcomm just bought startup founded by Apple's chief CPU architect.
Snapdragon vs Exynos
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera module macro 8
David Imel / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has been launched. But the launch isn’t with some controversy. Following the pattern of previous years, Samsung’s new flagship uses different processors depending on your region. In some countries you get the Snapdragon 888, in others you get the Exynos 2100. Is there a difference? Do they both perform the same?

The Processors

Speed Test G Reveals All

Battery Life and Sustained Performance

Gary Explains SD 888 vs Exynos 2100 on S21

Against the iPhone

Qualcomm just bought startup founded by Apple's chief CPU architect

Qualcomm has bought Nuvia, a processor design company, started by Apple’s former chief CPU designer! Now he works for Qualcomm.

Gary Explains Qualcomm Apple CPU architect
Raspberry Pi Camera and More

Raspberry Pi Camera

I am making a new series of videos about the Raspberry Pi Camera. In the first video, Raspberry Pi Camera Introduction and Getting Started, I talk about how to install the Raspberry Pi Camera and how to take photos and record video from the command line.

The second part is also out: Use Raspberry Pi Camera from Python. I look at how to use the camera from Python. Includes how to take stills, record videos, and stream MJPEG to your web browser.


MacBook Air (M1) Battery Test – Is it as Good as Apple Says?

Apple is claiming that the new M1 based MacBook Air provides 3 extra hours of battery life compared to the previous Intel based model. Is it true? Is the battery life as good as Apple is claiming?

Gary Explains macBook Air M1 battery

I Found These Things Interesting, So Might You!

Smartphone Audio Quality Matters, Including the Built-in Amp

Smartphone audio quality is important. Not only do we listen to audio via headphones, but we also rely on the built-in speaker. Several factors impact smartphone audio quality including the built-in speaker, the DAC, and the audio amplifier.

Gary Explains Smartphone amplifiers
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