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August 2, 2021
Just when you think summer has come and things in the tech world will slow down a little and allow you to enjoy a cool lemonade in the garden, that is when all the big stories happen. Windows 11, Microsoft's own Linux distro, Pegasus Spyware, Qualcomm's M1 Killer, OnePlus deliberately slowing down apps on the OnePlus 9, the Steam Deck, NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Running on an Arm-based PC, and more!
All things Microsoft

Microsoft has had a busy few weeks with the initial developer releases of Windows 11, plus a lot of pain and anguish for Windows 10 users who are discovering that they won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

Microsoft remains unrepentant and insists that mandating you have at least an Intel 8th generation processor, or at least an AMD Zen 2 based processor, is still the minimum for Windows 11

If you won’t want to run Windows 11, then what are your alternative?

Or maybe you want to run Microsoft’s Linux distro called CBL-Mariner!

Government sanctioned cyber-surveillance with Pegasus

The Guardian newspaper has highlighted the perils of government-sanctioned cyber-surveillance, following its exposé of Pegasus, a sophisticated piece of malware that is being used by authoritarian regimes to target activists, politicians, and journalists. So, what is Pegasus? How does it work? Can you protect yourself?

RTX Ray Tracing on Arm-based PC, plus gaming on Linux with the Steam Deck

NVIDIA has demonstrated its RTX Ray Tracing tech on an Arm-based PC, no x86 chips here! The demo included Wolfenstein: Youngblood, running in real-time on a MediaTek Arm platform with ray-traced graphics.

Valve has launched Steam Deck, a handheld gaming device with an AMD processor, RDNA 2 graphics, and a 7 inch touch screen. It is basically a handheld PC. Which OS does it run? Linux of course!

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