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May 3, 2021
☕ Good morning!
Galaxy Z next-generation leaks

It looks like promotional marketing videos of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 have extensively leaked, with video and images emerging. 

  • It’s juicy stuff if accurate: the first indication of Samsung going with an under-display camera in a flagship with the Fold 3, along with an S Pen, and fresh designs and color information.
  • How trustworthy are the leaks? Unclear. They’re unusually sourced, allegedly via Polish sources, but detailed enough to look real.
  • I give it a rating of moderately likely — the devices are probably still around two months away given the expected July launch, but it all makes too much sense.

So, what do we have?

Galaxy Z Fold 3:

First the back of the phone:

  • These images look like renders, especially the flash at the bottom, but you can see the straight-lens array that looks unique enough compared to previous Samsung designs, although by no means a new innovation.
  • The lenses each look like a copy of the other too, no obvious lens differences between main/ultrawide/telephoto.

Then there’s the under-display camera showing in a pic:

And finally a glimpse of the S Pen:

galaxy z fold 3 leak 3
The Galox/Twitter
Other details include specs notes for the inner and outer displays of the fold to be 120Hz refresh rates, while colors include gray, black, white, and beige.

Over on the Flip 3:

This gif gives most of the detail away:

Galaxy Z Flip 3
The Galox/Twitter
  • Here we see a fresh design, with the Flip 3 holding on to the secondary display, and the dual-cameras on the back likely to be two 12MP main and ultra-wide shooters. 12MP seems low, though that’s what we saw on the Z Flip, too.
  • There’s also another shot of the body which shows a thicker, more squared-out device compared to the previous Flip, with the gap better hidden.
  • (The scribbled out diagonal lines are supposedly hiding security information that may identify the source).

What’s most interesting:

  • On the basis these leaks are mostly accurate, we can see a continuing refinement and evolution to the folding lineup. And, just maybe, Pixel 2 aesthetics?
  • The under-display camera on the Fold 3 is going to be fascinating. 
  • The first attempt we saw, back in late 2020 from ZTE, wasn’t up to any selfie camera from the last five years or even further. It’s a smudgy, smeary affair, just as the technology would suggest when pixels get in the way of the image sensor.
  • You’d expect Samsung would want a nice bit of new tech to keep the hype about its flagship, and likely still very expensive, foldable.
  • But it would have to be good enough to not be a negative on the device. It’ll likely be ok in bright conditions at least.
  • Maybe, just maybe, being able to take selfies with the back of the phone when it’s unfolded, might mean that it doesn’t matter if the under-display camera is a bit below average?

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