News Republic V6 Promo image

News Republic is a pretty solid Android app that provides users with many different sources of information, and today it’s getting much better. Version 6 of the app has just been released to the Google Play Store, and it brings a handful of new social features to make sharing and reading news much more exciting.

Users of the app have already been able to see what stories folks near them are reading and commenting on, but version 6 of the app takes it one step further. Now News Republic will allow readers to connect with “Expert users” on the topics they care most about. Rather than just having the app automatically curate a list of stories it thinks you want to read, the community of readers will be able to decide what’s important to them, which in turn amplifies the discoverability of news content.

News Republic readers can also now access publications from 53 different countries in 37 languages. For instance, if you live in the United States, you’ll now be able to read stories from Australia, India or from the Asia Pacific region.

If you currently use this app, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this update. Follow the Play Store link below to grab the version 6 update.

Jimmy Westenberg
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