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New movies on Starz

Starz provides more than 1,300 movies you can watch right now. That’s a daunting number, especially if all you want is to watch something recent. We’re here to help with a list of the best new movies on Starz originally released in 2018. You’ll find plenty of recent hits spanning crime, horror, adventure, and vigilante action. Our picks include Venom, White Boy Rick, and more.

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The best new movies on Starz:

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best new movies on Starz regularly as new movies arrive and older movies rotate off the service.

1. Alpha


Alpha is set 20,000 years ago in Upper Paleolithic Europe, where small tribe needs to gather food for the upcoming winter. Chief Tau assembles a hunting party, including his son Keda, and sends them out into the wild. During their hunt, the group encounters a large Machairodus that eats Keda’s friend. The bad luck continues with a herd of bison, one of which conveniently pushes Keda over a cliff. The team assumes him dead and moves on.

But Keda isn’t dead: He merely fell down to another cliff, knocking him unconscious and breaking his leg. Keda eventually returns to the top cliff to face a pack of vicious wolves. He manages to wound one wolf during his escape but it’s abandoned by the pack. Seeing himself in the wounded, stranded animal, he cares and befriends the wolf, calling her Alpha.

From here on the movie follows their perilous journey back to Keda’s village.

2. Proud Mary

Proud Mary

Mary Henson is an expert assassin. The movie opens during one of her hits, as she breaks into the home of bookie Marcus Miller, kills him, and leaves his young son Danny alone to play video games.

Jump ahead a year and Danny is on the streets working for a criminal named Uncle. Still feeling guilt over stranding the boy a year ago, she keeps a close eye on him. Eventually she takes Danny in and demands Uncle to release the boy from any obligations.

But the meeting goes sour and Mary kills Uncle and his goons. This confrontation starts a chain of events that eventually reveals to Danny who killed his father and why. At this point, a heartbroken Mary no longer desires to be an assassin. Instead, she wants to start a new life elsewhere with Danny.

3. Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Sicario Day of the Soldado

Josh Brolin takes off his Thanos CGI mask and returns to play CIA agent Matt Graver in this sequel to 2015’s Sicario. He’s called to Kansas City, Missouri, to investigate a suicide bombing in a local department store. It’s a sign of the increasing number of terrorists smuggled into the US from Mexico.

The answer, it seems, is to start a war between two Mexican cartels. How? By kidnapping the youngest child of kingpin Carlos Reyes. US officials believe that by eliminating these two cartels, the suspected terrorist smuggling will end. But to carry out this mission, Graver needs the help of semi-retired Alejandro Gillick, a former Sicario (Spanish for Hitman).

Both characters were played by the same actors in the original 2015 movie.

4. Slender Man

Slender Man

Rule #1: Don’t go out into the woods at night to summon an entity from urban legend. Rule #2: Don’t repeat the summons in attempt to bribe said entity with silly personal items in exchange for a missing friend. Rule #3: Always securely fasten your blindfold and do not unfasten until instructed to do so. Rule #4: Don’t drag your friend’s sister out into the dark woods and repeat the summons again.

Seriously, Slender Man is a string of bad decisions that began with four girls venturing out into the forest at night for a little frightening fun. That one night sent them down a dark path of insanity and death. All of this could have been avoided had they stayed home and gotten their dark thrills from the latest episode of Riverdale.

5. Superfly

Superfly - The best new movies on Starz

This remake of the 1972 movie centers on Atlanta drug kingpin Youngblood Priest. Although he began selling drugs at a young age, a near-death experience with rival group Snow Patrol changes his life-of-crime tune. Of course, there are plenty of roadblocks to keep that from happening.

For starters, we have Fat Freddy, a colleague who not only participated in Priest’s assassination attempt but had an affair with one of Priest’s girlfriends. We also have Detective Mason, a dirty cop who has no problems sniffing cocaine. She makes a deal with Priest: Make her a partner and cough up $1 million, and she looks the other way.

Priest doesn’t get any morale support from his drug supplier either. Adalberto assures Priest that he will never get out of the drug business. But Priest insists on doing just that.

6. The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington returns as former DIA operative and Marine Robert McCall. The opening sees him renting an apartment in Brooklyn and driving for Lyft. He simply can’t return to his seaside Massachusetts hometown and face memories of his deceased wife. Freelance projects sideline the main story like commercial breaks: saving a kidnapped girl from her father, finding a man’s lost sister, and cleaning graffiti in the apartment’s courtyard.

The central plot is a whodunit: Someone killed his friend and former DIA colleague Susan Plummer while she investigated a staged murder in Belgium. Two “thugs” supposedly broke into her hotel room and beat her to death. However, camera footage, photographs, and the autopsy report show otherwise. McCall follows a trail of clues that lead him back to a past he’s tried to avoid, including four former squad mates who went rogue.

In the end, McCall returns to his seaside home for a 1 vs. 4 deathmatch during a hurricane… and to come to terms with the past.

7. The Girl in the Spider’s Web

The Girl in the Spiders Web - The best new movies on Starz

This movie is based on the fourth book in the Millennium novel series. While The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a whodunit mystery involving a family with a dark secret, this fourth installment is about a stolen program, Firefall, that can access the world’s nuclear codes. But there’s also a little family-related twist.

Hacker Lisbeth Salander takes center stage in this sequel while journalist David Lagercrantz moves to a secondary role (both played by new actors). She’s hired by a software developer to steal his program back from the NSA. She successfully retrieves it, but instead of returning Firefall back to its owner, she decides to keep it.

That decision doesn’t last long, as Salander finds herself in the crosshairs of multiple international groups, one of which is crime syndicate The Spider run by her thought-to-be-dead sister Camilla. Ultimately, this sequel is more family-based drama using a different multi-nation angle.

8. The Possession of Hannah Grace

The Possession of Hannah Grace

Here’s a semi-interesting take on possession. Former cop Megan Reed hesitates in shooting a criminal, who took advantage of Reed’s delay to shoot and kill her partner. Now out of rehab, Reed takes a job working night shift at the Boston Metro Hospital morgue. But her new boss offers a warning: Her mind will play tricks given she’s shacked up with the cold dead all night. Fun job, right?

Eventually Reed receives the dead body of Hannah Grace, which is partially burned and mutilated thanks to Dad trying to dispose of her body. See, the corpse is still occupied by a demon and has a fun time playing tricks with Reed. She tries to dismiss the events as her stress-induced imagination because, you know, she’s hanging out with dead bodies. After all, her boss warned that this would happen.

But he said nothing about possessed bodies twisting down hallways and playing peek-a-boo with storage doors. Things get really weird when Hannah’s seemingly crazed dad breaks in an tries to incinerate the body.

9. Venom


Sony’s writers pulled from three sources – The Ultimate Marvel version of Venom, Planet of the Symbiotes, and Venom: Lethal Protector – to create a story that doesn’t include Spider-Man. It also doesn’t include the events that brought Peter Parker and the symbiote together.

Instead, this version of Venom is one of four “samples” pulled from a comet and brought back to Earth. These aliens require hosts for fuel and intend to consume the entire planet. But outsider Venom has a change of heart when it discovers another outsider: Investigative journalist Eddie Brock. They meet thanks to scientist Dora Skirth, who called in Brock to expose how her boss experiments on humans.

The movie isn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but provides plenty of action, humor, and a few eaten heads to make Venom a worthwhile watch.

10. White Boy Rick

White Boy Rick - one of the best new movies on Starz

This biographical drama is about 14-year-old Richard “Ricky” Wershe Jr. of Detroit who became the FBI’s youngest informant. His story began in 1984: Mom was gone, his sister ran away, and Dad sold weapons with hopes of opening a video store. On the side, Dad created illegal homemade muzzles and attached them to modified AK-47s.

Ricky, in hopes of helping Dad, sold the modified AK-47s to gangster Johnny Curry. He became close to Curry’s son, Boo, and slowly integrated into the Curry mob. The feds took notice and realized he could provide valuable information. As a lure, they approached his father about gun sales. Their offer – work with us or Dad goes to jail – gave Ricky no choice but to become their paid informant.

One event led to another and Ricky found himself in the hospital, shot in the stomach by Boo thanks to Curry’s suspicions. By then the FBI had everything they needed to shut Curry down, but Ricky went back to selling drugs anyway to support his newborn daughter and help Dad open a video store. All seemed well in the Wershe household until the feds broke through the door….

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