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The best new movies on Starz

From action films to children's classics, there's a lot of variety to watch on Starz.

Published onDecember 10, 2021

New movies on Starz

The premium cable and streaming service Starz has lots of older and more recent movies to watch right now. If you’ve already checked out most of those you like, you should keep an eye out for new movies that are added to the service. You never know when a few you’ll enjoy will hit the streaming service. To help you out, we created a list of the best new movies on Starz that have been added over the last few months.

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You can sign up for the service with a free seven-day trial, followed by $8.99 a month, at the link below. 

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Starz offers thousands of movies and TV shows to stream, including acclaimed exclusive original TV series.

The best new movies on Starz

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best movies on Starz regularly as new movies arrive and older movies rotate off the service.

Spiral: Fron the Book of Saw

This 2021 movie was a rebooting of the Saw franchise of horror films. Unlike most of the previous films in this series, this one actually has some star power, with Chris Rock playing a cop trying to solve a series of brutal murders. Has the mysterious killer from the previous films returned for more torture and mayhem? Samuel L. Jackson also has a role as a veteran cop.

You can also watch all of the previous Saw movies on Starz right now.

Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr’s final Iron Man solo movie takes place a few months after the events of the first Avengers movie. Tony Stark is dealing with some PTSD after the attack on New York, but he also has to deal with The Mandarin, a terrorist going after Stark and his armored alter ego with a series of explosions. But how are these attacks happening?

This 2013 movie has lots of twists and turns, including one of the biggest in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. It’s definitely one of the best new movies on Starz.


This 2015 Disney movie didn’t get a lot of love at the box office. That’s too bad because this family film is about hope and optimism for the future. A young girl who loves science and space finds a strange pin that briefly transports her into a place where technological wonders are commonplace. She goes on a quest to find this Tomorrowland, with some reluctant help from a former child genius, played by George Clooney. As it turns out, Tomorrowland is not quite what it first appears to be.

Dawn of the Dead

This 2004 movie dared to update the classic George Romero zombie horror flick from the 1970s. Written by James Gunn and directed by Zack Snyder (in his feature directorial debut), this remake turns Romero’s slow zombies into fast-moving undead creatures. Like the original, the remake shows some human surVivors trying to stay alive by locking themselves into a shopping mall. The choice to turn the zombies into fast attackers turns this film into an action flick, with some pretty impressive set pieces.

The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington is back in this 2018 sequel to his hit 2014 action movie (itself based on the 1980s action TV series). Washington once again plays Robert McCall, a former US spy and assassin, who is now trying to help people in need of his services. He goes into full attack mode when his former boss is murdered, and discovers a conspiracy involving more of his previous teammates.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Who would have thought that a reboot of the classic family movie Jumanji might actually be better than the original?  That is exactly what this 2017 movie does, by updating the premise. Instead of a board game that brings wild animals from the jungle to the neighborhood, this movie centers on a video game that sucks people into a jungle-like simulation.

Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan play the over-the-top avatars of the four teenagers brought into the game, and they are perfect in these roles. You can also catch the 2019 sequel, Jumanji, The Next Level, on Starz.

Red Dawn (1084)

This 1984 film is one of the best examples of the action movie trend of the 80s. In a small Colorado town, the residents suddenly come face to face with an invading army from the Soviet Union and Cuba. A band of teenagers gets away from the invaders and fights back against the Soviet army in the mountains. Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen are among the young actors who star in this film, and it still resonates today. 

American Hustle

Set in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and based loosely on true events, this 2013 movie from director David O Russell centers on a pair of con artists in New Jersey who get recruited by the FBI. Their mission: to con suspected corrupt politicians in a sting operation. As you might expect, things don’t go according to plan.

This film has a truly all-star cast, lead by Christan Bale and Amy Adams as the main con artists, Jennifer Lawrence as Bale’s wife, Bradley Cooper as an FBI agent, and Jeremy Renner as one of the politicians targeted by the sting operation. It’s easily one of the best new movies on Starz.

The Burbs

Tom Hanks was never funnier than he was in his 1989 comedy. He plays a typical suburban husband who gets nervous when a strange new family moves into the neighborhood. He and another neighbor suspect this new family might be cannibals.

You can also check out performances from the late Carrie Fisher and Bruce Dern in this movie from Gremlins director Joe Dante.


This 1991 movie did for firefighters what Top Gun did for fighter pilots: it made them look brave and cool. Ron Howard directed this movie set in Chicago, with Kurt Russell, Robert De Niro, and Willam Baldwin starring as firefighters trying to defeat a mad arsonist. It’s without a doubt one of the best new movies on Starz.

Honorable mentions

Here are a few more new movies on Starz that are worth your time, but just missed making our top 10 list:

  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado This sequel to the acclaimed action drama Sicario once again stars James Brolin as an FBI agent trying to fight off Mexican terrorists.
  • Waterworld — It wasn’t a box office success, but this post-apocalypse flick with Kevin Costner is actually entertaining.
  • Ever After — Drew Barrymore stars in this retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale.
  • Cry Freedom — This movie depicts the true story of black activist Steven Biko, who fought against apartheid in South Africa in the 1970s.
  • Half Past Dead — Just have fun watching this action movie starring Steven Seagal, who plays an undercover agent that goes up against some terrorists at Alcatraz prison.

That’s a look at the best new movies on Starz you can watch right now. We’ll update this post with new titles once they hit the streaming service.