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LG’s G series might be the flashiest, but it’s the mid-range that quietly rakes in sales for the Korean company. Following the release of the first two “specialist phones” in the X series back in February, LG is now doubling down with four new X branded mid-rangers: X Power, X Mach, X Style, and X Max.

Official details are sketchy for now, but from the high level look that LG provided to us, the X Power looks like the most interesting device in the batch. As the name suggests, the X Power’s big selling point is its 4,100-mAh battery. That’s quite large for a device of just 5.3 inches – for comparison, devices like the S7 Active or Mate 8 feature similar batteries in larger bodies.

From an older leak, we know that the LG X Power will feature a 720p screen, a MediaTek MT6735 processor equipped with Pump Express Plus fast charging, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and 13MP and 8MP cameras.

Next up, the X Mach’s special power is its fast LTE Cat 9 3CA data transfer capability. This device features a 1.8GHz processor, a QHD IPS LCD Quantum display, and a camera fitted with a 1.55-micron sensor.

The selling points become vaguer in the case of the X Style (“elegant design boasting gracefully curving lines and extra-slim body”) and X Max (“large display for an enhanced viewing experience”). These are probably the cheapest, least advanced devices in the range.

lg x series power mach style max

The quadruplet of new X phones joins road openers X Cam and X Screen, both announced ahead of MWC 2016.

Even if the new X line turns out to be completely forgettable, it’s good to see large batteries making their way downrange. If LG can put a 4,100 mAh unit on relatively thin mid-ranger like the X Power, we have reason to hope that the company’s next flagships will be just as good.

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