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Instagram hasn’t said a thing, but online reports are signaling the arrival of a new redesign for the Android app. We don’t have too much to go by, as this change doesn’t appear to be related to an actual app update. The improvemetns are rolling out slowly and they seem to come straight from the servers, through some kind of switch.

So, what does the new Instagram look like? I have said it time and again: Instagram looked so 2010. To me, it was too colorful and a bit tacky, something that is being improved with this new UI. The blue hues have been ditched. Now we are seeing a user interface mostly dominated by black and white, making it much cleaner and pleasant to the eye.

Photo controls seem to have gotten new icons, as well. They are large and mostly black and white. Here are some images showing off the new look.

Are you guys seeing this new UI? I have checked three different smartphones and don’t see the changes. If you do, please do hit the comments and let us know what you think of the new design. Do you notice any other changes? Let us know!

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