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Netflix Switch - you can make this button to ease your binging needs

Netflix has showcased 'The Switch", a button that can dim your lights, order takeout, silence your phone and start Netflix. Want it? Click through to learn how you can have your own!

Published onSeptember 28, 2015


Nothing like winding down after a long day and going through a couple (or many hours) of entertainment binging. Getting the right mood always takes some extra effort we would rather facilitate, though. You have to take care of the lighting, order your favorite meal, set up your home entertainment system and more. What if there was a button that could do all of this at once?

Netflix showcased this dream device is definitely possible, and you can have your own. The streaming giant showcased ‘The Switch’ at the 2015 World Maker Fair, this weekend. On the outside it just looks like a regular ol’ (and antiquated) arcade button, but it’s definitely a much smarter one than we are used to seeing. Pressing it can dim the lights, silence your smartphone’s incoming calls, order takeout and turn Netflix on… all at once.

Pretty neat, right? So when can you buy it? The bad news is you really can’t just purchase one of these. You have to make it yourself, and that will take a bit of tech savviness. It’s definitely not impossible with a bit of research, though. You just have to make your way through web servers, electronics, APIs, Arduino boards and a few other things. The good news is Netflix has given us the whole process, list of materials and requirements in an easy-to-follow instructions manual.

The system works with Phillips Hue lights, too, which will require some extra investing if you don’t have these set up at home, which most people don’t. You must also set up the IR system to control most televisions. Most other things can be done through WiFi, though, which is the main for of communication between the Switch and all involved components.

It will definitely take some time and effort to set up this smart accessory, but you will be compensated with a thoughtless process for your Netflix experience. Not to mention, it’s a great way to impress your buds and may lead to a much funner “Netflix and pizza” time.

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