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Report: Netflix to debut Apple Arcade-like gaming bundle by 2022

Could Netflix be the latest player in the game subscription market?

Published onMay 25, 2021

Netflix Originals next to popcorn stock photo 3
  • Several reports suggest Netflix is considering expanding its focus into gaming.
  • This would build on its already established offerings of interactive content.
  • It’s believed the company could debut an Apple Arcade-like downloadable gaming bundle by 2022.

Netflix is a giant in the streaming world but would be a minnow in the gaming space. Despite this, mounting evidence suggests that Netflix could expand into the gaming sector as soon as 2022.

According to the initial report by The Information (h/t The Verge) and more recently by Axios, Netflix could offer an Apple Arcade-like bundle to subscribers as soon as 2022. This “suite of downloadable games” would reportedly include Netflix-made titles as well as games from indie developers too. Reuters further adds fuel to the fire suggesting the company is looking to hire a dedicated gaming executive to oversee the push.

Netflix would be a newcomer to the gaming world, but it’s no stranger to interactive content. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Bear Grylls’ You vs. Wild are better-known examples allowing users to choose their own adventures. The adapted Minecraft: Story Mode is arguably the closest the firm has come to adding popular video game IP with an interactive twist to its platform.

Aside from choose-your-own-adventure content, Netflix also offers a slew of series based on video games. The Witcher and Castlevania both proved popular in their respective genres.

What could Netflix’s gaming offering entail?

In a statement to Polygon, Netflix noted it’s “excited to do more with interactive entertainment,” however, it failed to shed more details on exactly what this endeavor will entail.

What do you think of Netflix offering games?

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In any case, it won’t be an easy win for Netflix. If it offers a one-time batch of downloadable titles, it would need to decide its focus platforms. The likes of Fortnite have demonstrated that it’s possible to be successful across consoles, PCs, and mobile.

It’s also unclear if Netflix, as a streaming platform, has ambitions on the game streaming market occupied by the likes of Amazon and Google. While neither firm has gained much traction in this segment, Netflix’s 207 million paying subscribers could provide a strong foundation for such a service.

After 2020’s subscriber boom, Netflix faces a much slower growth forecast in 2021. Bringing in new subscribers through a gaming push could be a viable play for the firm.

Reuters suggests the company’s plans remain “in flux” for now, but what are your thoughts about Netflix’s foray into gaming? Be sure to vote in our poll above!

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