The newest version of 2K’s NBA game series is out now for Android: NBA 2K19. As usual, it features certain elements from the console versions of the game while limiting graphics processing and features to make it suitable for mobile.

However, there are some major downsides to the game which might put some players off.

The first thing missing is the option for multiplayer. As of right now, you can’t play against your friends or players around the world, only the computer. While this might not be a huge deal for some gamers, it’s certainly a big omission considering how important online multiplayer is for mobile games of all kinds, especially sports games.

Another thing the NBA 2K19 Android version doesn’t feature (which, according to this YouTube video, the iOS version does feature) is ball sounds. When you dribble the ball, pass the ball, shoot the ball, or land the ball through the hoop, you don’t hear anything. You hear the scuffing of feet as the players move, but no audio for probably the most important aspect of any basketball game.

For a game which is sized at just under 3GB, how ball sounds got left out is anyone’s guess.

Finally, the NBA 2K19 Android game comes with the trifecta of app sales: in-app purchases, in-game ads, and a purchase fee of $7.99. I guess you can’t blame 2K for being bold.

If you’re interested in giving NBA 2K19 a shot, you can play for up to two hours and still get a full refund from the Google Play Store. After those two hours are up, the game is yours forever.

Click the button below to play the NBA2K19 Android version:

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