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Motorola Edge Plus (2024) wishlist: All the features I want to see

Motorola is in the midst of a resurgence, and I think these tweaks to its Edge Plus flagship could continue that trend.
December 26, 2023
motorola edge plus 2023 hero laying down centered
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

After years of mediocrity, the Lenovo-owned Motorola brand is currently in the midst of a resurgence. Both the Razr Plus and the Motorola Edge Plus (2023) received highly positive reviews here at Android Authority and from consumers at large. This is especially encouraging for those in the US, where we have a limited selection of compelling options outside of Apple, Samsung, Google, and OnePlus. While the next Motorola Edge is still a long way away, I’m excited to see what Lenovo will deliver next year. With that in mind, here’s my Motorola Edge Plus (2024) wishlist.

An always-on-display would be extremely welcome

motorola edge plus 2023 display curves
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

I’ve always preferred always-on displays and these days the feature is very much in vogue. Not only is it popular on many of the best Android phones, but even the iPhone has it now (albeit only on the Pro range).

To its credit, the Edge Plus (2023) does have its own take on this: Edge Lights. While it isn’t an actual always-on display, this feature lights up the curved edges of the display with different colors when notifications come in. That’s handy, but it’s not quite as helpful as being able to see the time, date, and other key notification icons. The curved display also isn’t without its other issues, which leads us to our next suggestion.

A flat display might be a better choice

motorola edge plus 2023 fingerprint reader
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

In our own review, we mentioned that it was very easy to make accidental taps on the curved display. While curved displays are very common, not everyone likes them. We ran a survey in 2022, and the majority seemed against the trend, including many Android Authority writers. More and more phones are ditching curved displays, and I’d like to see the Motorola Edge Plus follow suit.

While it may seem counterintuitive to ditch the curved display for a phone with “Edge” in its name, it’s worth noting that the Edge Plus (2022) featured a flat display. I’d also argue that Motorola’s high-end specifications could allow the name to be associated with being on the cutting edge in the future, rather than just a reference to its display type.

A Pro model might be a good idea

motorola edge plus 2023 hero on chair arm
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

I feel like Motorola’s Edge Plus falls short of a true high-end flagship experience. It’s a decent phone, but despite the Plus in the name, it is actually more of an entry flagship like the Google Pixel 8. Meanwhile, the standard Edge is more akin to the Pixel 7a. What could Motorola do differently with a Motorola Edge Pro variant? Just like Samsung and Google, an Edge Pro would focus on improvements to the camera, build materials, and especially the display’s resolution; while 1080p is okay for an entry flagship, Motorola doesn’t offer anything better right now. That’s something I’d like to see changed.

A better camera experience

motorola edge plus 2023 cameras on chair arm
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Motorola has never had a reputation for packing the best cameras, at least not in recent history. The good news is the Edge Plus (2023) made some in-roads here. The camera package delivered pleasing, natural colors and details in most situations. Nevertheless, it did exhibit intense green saturation on bright sunny days, and its zoom capabilities left room for improvement. Additionally, its electronic video stabilization is somewhat lacking.

If Motorola aims to compete effectively against other high-end flagships, it should prioritize further refinement of its camera experience. This includes both the hardware and software side.

Even better software support would go a long way

Android logo on smartphone stock photo (5)
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Motorola hasn’t had the best track record for software support, although the Edge Plus (2023) marked an improvement. It finally offers three years of Android support and four years of security coverage, which is commendable. However, Motorola hasn’t always been great with its promises so we’ll have to wait to see how well the company follows its software policy. It’s also worth mentioning Google sets a higher standard with seven years of updates and patches for Google Pixel 8.

Samsung also bests Lenovo by offering four years of OS updates and five years of security patches. I’m hopeful that Motorola will take note of these trends and continue to improve its commitment to updates and patches in the future.

Motorola Edge Plus (2024) wishlist: Which feature would you most like to see?

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Will there be a Motorola Edge Plus (2024)?

motorola edge plus 2023 taking a phone call
Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • Motorola Edge Plus (2021) — Sep 2, 2021
  • Motorola Edge Plus (2022) — Aug 18, 2022
  • Motorola Edge Plus (2023) — May 19, 2023

The original Motorola Edge debuted in 2020 to a rather mixed reception and has seen several follow-ups since. The Edge Plus (2023) finally propelled the series into the spotlight, delivering one of the best Motorola phones in years. While Motorola has not officially announced plans for a next-gen Edge Plus, it would be unwise not to do so. Unless there is a major rebranding initiative in the works, we would confidently predict that a Motorola Edge Plus (2024) is inevitable.

The release date for the Motorola Edge Plus (2024) is a bit more challenging to predict, mainly because Motorola has been pretty inconsistent with the launch schedules for earlier models. At this point, all we can reasonably expect is that the Motorola Edge Plus (2024) will likely arrive in the spring or summer of 2024. Based on its historical patterns, this could fall anywhere between May and September.

Should you wait for the Motorola Edge Plus (2024)?

The release of the Motorola Edge Plus (2024) is likely to be at least nine months away, and possibly even longer. That’s quite a wait, especially if your current phone is starting to age significantly and you’re ready for an upgrade sooner rather than later. If you’re in need of a new phone and enthusiastic about the company’s current direction, the Motorola Edge Plus (2023) ($699 at Amazon) is a solid device with plenty of life left in the phone. Another option might be to pick up the Google Pixel 8 ($699 at Amazon), which will offer a similar value but with a more proven track record for timely updates and support.