Moto X Pure Edition-22

A sub-Reddit devoted to the Moto X Pure has uncovered a potentially widespread problem with the device’s display driver. A Redditor posted the image below showing a gray band behind the navigation buttons and asked for assistance in diagnosing the problem. The thread inadvertently revealed multiple other Moto X Pure owners were suffering from the same issue.

The general consensus seems to be a problem with the display driver. A quick reboot or factory reset seems to clear things right up, although some respondents claimed the issue reappears after a short while. The good news is that it doesn’t look to be a critical flaw.

Moto X Pure display driver problem lines Imgur

Because the devices in question work fine most of the time, the issue is likely just a software bug, so there are a few possibilities for a fix. If Motorola’s software team is already on top of it, a patch could be issued quite quickly to fix the problem. Otherwise the issue may well be addressed in the upgrade to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

If you have an affected Moto X Pure, be sure to get in contact with Motorola’s support team to flag the issue. The more voices detailing the problem the more likely they are to jump to attention. Motorola’s support portal offers a few solutions for screen issues but they are of the generic sort that most users will have already tried. Either way, check out the suggestions here.

Have you experienced this kind of issue? How did you clear it up?

Thanks to Noah Weidner for the tip.