In an official blog post, Motorola has announced a new partnership with Indiegogo to jumpstart the next wave of Moto Mods innovation.

Moto Mods allow you to transform a smartphone and the company has already unveiled an entire suite of Moto Mods for Moto Z and Moto Z Play that turn the devices into a camera, a movie projector, a speaker, or an extra battery pack. The Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK) allows developers across the world to contribute to the ecosystem by creating their own Moto Mods.

With this Moto Mods Indiegogo campaign, developers will have the opportunity to raise money to bring their Moto Mods to life. Starting today through January 31 next year, developers can sign up for the Moto Mods Developer contest, and share their best Moto Mods idea for a chance to win an MDK and a Moto Z. Winners will also receive a trip to Chicago to meet with the Moto Mods executive development team to discuss how to take their idea forward.

Additionally, the company will also be hosting Moto Mods hackathons in the US, starting with the first hackathon in New York in December followed by another one in San Francisco in January. Anyone who creates Moto Mods during the hackathon will have the opportunity to participate in the Indiegogo campaign as well. Check out for more information and to register for the same.

Also, Lenovo Capital has set aside up to $1 million to help bring the best Moto Mods ideas to market. The Moto Mods executive development team will be on the lookout for the best working prototypes and will invite developers to pitch for investment funding from Lenovo Capital.

Lenovo is all-in on modular smartphones, with Moto Mods extending the capability of a smartphone. With these initiatives, the company would be looking to invite developer interest and give them a chance to turn their ideas into reality.

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