Moto G 2015 Hands On-8

Just last week Motorola took the veil off its new flagship Moto X Pure Edition (Style), alongside the Moto X Play and the Moto G. While the former of these two have yet to go on sale, the Moto G has been on sale since its announcement. The 3rd-gen Moto G isn’t a dramatic departure from its predecessors, though it does improve on a few key areas, offering certified water resistance, Moto Maker support, and a higher-end model that features 16GB storage and 2GB RAM for just $40 more than the base unit.

It’s still too early to say how big of an impact the Moto G 3rd-gen will have on the budget market, but the 16GB variant is doing extremely well so far. In fact, Moto Maker is seemingly sold out! Right now, the 16GB model says “Delayed shipping” and there’s no clear word on when stock levels will return to normal. For those interested in the $179 entry model, it is still in stock and ready to go. Of course, unless you are on a really tight budget, we recommend waiting for the 2GB RAM version.

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