moto 360 unboxing initial setup (7 of 13)

Heads up, fellow Moto 360 owners — a new update is now starting to rollout! The new version brings the watch up to version 5.0.2. For those curious, the build number here is LWX49L. As you might expect, it’s a pretty minor update, with the change log promising bug fixes and security updates, updated Google Play services and a few other optimizations that should hopefully improve performance.

It remains unseen whether those performance improvements make a big impact on how well the Moto 360 performs, though it seems that each update makes my own personal Moto 360 just a little better (battery life, stability, etc), and so I look forward to the upgrade. Unfortunately, I have yet to personally receive the update, and so don’t be surprised if isn’t immediately availability for your upgrading pleasure.

Have you received the update yet? Let us know in the comments.

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