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Report: Americans are spending 5% more on mobile phone bills compared to 2022

It's not just your imagination: data suggests your phone bill really is going up.

Published onNovember 16, 2023

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Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • A report from doxoINSIGHTS suggests mobile phone bills have increased in price since 2022.
  • The data suggests Americans spend about $1,342 yearly on cell service, a 5% increase since last year.
  • 5% of the $175 billion industry is an astounding $8.75 billion extra for mobile carriers.

How much do you spend on your cell service? According to a new report, you’re likely spending a little bit more on it than last year. And by “a little bit more,” we mean billions of dollars more collectively.

The doxoINSIGHTS Mobile Phone Market Size and Household Spending Report summarizes how much money United States households spend on mobile phone bills. The report leverages doxo’s anonymized bill pay data. In other words, the company examined actual bill payment activity in the US, pulling the info from over 8 million consumers.

The report suggests that 94% of American households pay a cell phone bill, which isn’t too surprising. The average monthly spend for each household in 2023 is $119, a slight increase over last year’s spend of $113 each month. This averages out to about $1,342 yearly for monthly mobile phone bills per US household, a full 5% more than the $1,275 spent last year.


Now, 5% might not seem like much of an increase. However, when you tally up these numbers, you see that Americans are collectively spending over $175 billion to mobile carriers each year. If you slice 5% out of that $175 billion, you get $8.75 billion. That means that, according to this report, US mobile carriers made an extra $8.75 billion this year.

It’s possible you feel the quality of your service has increased enough to warrant that extra money. But we are fairly certain a huge chunk of US consumers don’t feel their carriers have done enough in 2023 to earn 5% more of their always-shrinking income.

Speaking of which, this report suggests mobile phone bills amount to around 2% of US household income spend annually. If you want to bring that down a bit, we have a roundup of the best family cell phone plans.

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