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New Misfit Shine 2 is stronger, larger and more connected than ever

Misfit's high-end wearable has just been succeeded by the Shine 2. The new tracker is faster, stronger, smarter and much more connected. Click through to catch all the details!

Published onOctober 21, 2015


Misfit’s high-end wearable has just been succeeded by the Shine 2, a new tracker that is expected to really turn things around for fans of these devices. Trust us when we tell you this is no incremental update. The device is bigger, stronger, faster and more connected than any of their other offerings.

In fact, it’s a pretty awesome wearable for the price. And though it may not have all the fancy bells and whistles Android Wear can handle, what it does do it does very well. So let’s jump into the nitty gritty. What makes the Misfit Shine 2 special?

The first Shine’s main purpose was monitoring sleep and tracking activity. It didn’t do much else, though. Those who want something more similar to an actual smart device will be much more satisfied with the second iteration.


For starters, the Shine 2 definitely looks different. It’s a little thinner, but it’s also a bit larger. This may make it a bit more comfortable and sleeker, as it won’t be sticking out as much as the previous device did. Of course, this also means that any older accessories or bands won’t be compatible.

By the way, the Shine 2 is still great at monitoring your activity and sleep. In fact, it’s better, thanks to an added 3-axis magnetometer and the 3-axis accelerometer, a duo that will monitor you much more accurately.

Going deeper into the device you can find a stronger processing unit. Why would a simple tracker need a better chipset, though? Well, because this is no longer a mere tracking wearable; it’s now a smart device of sorts. It runs 12 multi-color LED lights that display the time and send you alerts. In addition, a vibrating mechanism has been integrated, making your interaction with the Shine 2 much more tactile.

A new capacitive layer has been added to the device, making possible to easily touch the device to interact with it. Remember when we switched from resistive screens to capacitive ones? That’s pretty much the upgrade Shine users are getting here. It’s huge!

Misfit now alerts you when you haven’t moved for extended periods of time, letting you know it’s time for a stretch. Smartphone notifications for calls and messages are also on board. Another big addition is compatibility with Misfit’s Link app, which was previously only available for the Flash Link. This will allow users to manage their smart home products, control music, take smartphone camera shots and more.

The Misfit Shine 2 really does take all the awesome features from the company’s whole line-up and puts it in a single product. And with a 6-month battery life and a waterproof body, you really can’t go wrong. Especially considering it’s priced at only $99.99, which is nothing compared to the more advanced smart watches out there.

You can now buy the Misfit Shine 2 from their website in 2 colors: Carbon Black and Rose Gold. Retail locations will get it by November. Are any of you signing up for one?

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