minecraft pocket edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition is without a doubt one of the most popular mobile games available for Android, in large part due to just how addictive the game can be. Even better, every new update seems to bring the mobile app a step closer to the deeper level of features found in the PC version. While the latest .0.7.3 update might be a minor one, it is no exception.

So what’s new exactly? For starters, the game brings the sun, moon and stars. This adds to the overall atmosphere and gives us something new to stare at besides the clouds that were added to the game not that terribly long ago.


According to the change log, Mojang has also added Quartz slabs and double chests, the later of which allows you to have more space to fill with in-game stuff. Equally important, the update brings with it quite a few bug fixes and realm (hosted Minecraft servers) improvements, too.

To grab the update, head on over to Google Play now. For those that have already updated, what do you think of the latest changes?

Andrew Grush
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