McDonald’s has seen traffic declines for four consecutive years, leaving the whole team wondering what to do to turn things around. Forbes puts McDonald’s as the #9 most valuable company in the world, and its golden arches are recognized worldwide. How do you improve a service that has used a working formula for generations?

McDonald’s is betting on improved customer service through the use of an ordering app, which we have been hearing about since late last year and has just entered the testing phase. The idea is to reduce transaction times, lower error margins and free labor time so that workers may focus on other chores.

The switch to mobile orders will lower human interaction. Dealing with people may be fun, but any system will fall to mistakes and conflicts in due time. The kitchen has also been improved to showcase modern technology and streamline the production process.

Where can you use this ordering app? Availability is, indeed, limited. McDonald’s is testing this application in 29 stores in California. More specifically, these are located in Monterey and Salinas, where the service first showed up today. In addition, McDonald’s plans to expand its testing ground to Spokane, Washington beginning March 20th, with 51 restaurants getting the upgrade.

Of course, the plan is to bring the app to as many users as possible, but McDonald’s is trying to do things right, which means some time must be taken. For now, the company is trying to get feedback and work out all the kinks that could show up.

McDonald’s is no stranger to adopting new technology trends. We have seen them installing tablets in restaurants, as well as giving out VR headsets. This app only makes sense for a more connected future, and we are glad to see more companies are considering it.