Happy Goggles

If you didn’t think virtual reality was going mainstream this year, think again. McDonald’s in Sweden is currently giving away “Happy Goggles” with its Happy Meals: fully functional VR glasses that look a lot like Google Cardboard. All included in the price of a Happy Meal.

If you happen to find yourself in Sweden over the weekends of March 5 or March 12, you can stop into one of 14 McDonald’s outlets offering the cool gadget. The promotion is reportedly tied to a week-long school holiday called Sportlov that is designed to get kids and their families to go on ski trips. The happy Goggles also come with a specially created VR ski game called Slope Stars.

All told, there’s only 3,500 Happy Goggles to be sold in the country, so you can bet they’re going to go fast. The promotion is a trial run though, so it will likely spread beyond Sweden when it is inevitably popular. With Alcatel making the box for the Idol 4 a pretty decent looking VR headset recently and now McDonald’s transforming its Happy Meal box into a Google Cardboard, you can bet there will be plenty of other folks looking to do the same thing with their packaging this year.

What VR have you tried so far? How do you think cheaper versions compare to more expensive versions?

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