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Avengers to assemble on Android this fall for card-battle game Marvel: War of Heroes


Published onAugust 7, 2012

It was only a matter of time until someone figured out that The Avengers’ booming cinematic success could be replicated – on a smaller scale, it’s true – on Android. Fortunately, this has already happened, and “Marvel: War of Heroes” will be released in the fall, letting Android users summon Iron Man, The Hulk and all the others at their will.

“War of Heroes” will be an action-packed little mobile game, as one would expect, but, surprisingly enough, it won’t be a first-person shooter, an action-adventure title, or an RPG (role-playing game). Instead, Marvel and DeNA have thought this to be the perfect occasion to push a genre that is somehow unpopular outside Asia.

We are talking about the card-battle genre, which has made huge waves in Japan over the last years, but hasn’t exactly made it big in the US. But if Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Thor, and Captain America can’t make people interested in something new, I honestly don’t know what can.

That’s right, I slipped one unexpected name in that bunch, which will surely make this Android game that more interesting. Spider-Man is joining forces with all the main characters in The Avengers, making it possible  to assembly a superhero “dream team” (just don’t ask me who’s Kobe and who’s LeBron).

DeNA, the Japan-based developers behind War of Heroes, will release the new game for free both on iOS and Android, but some in-game purchases might be involved.

Talking about excitement, you’ll be able to take Nick Fury’s SHIELD role in War of Heroes (not sure if you’ll have the eye patch, though). You’ll be tasked with assembling your own team of Marvel superheroes which, and then defeat dreaded enemies, like Loki or Galactus. The full list of characters, both good and evil, hasn’t been revealed yet, but we know that “new characters and events will be added on a regular basis after the game’s launch, ensuring a continually evolving gameplay experience.”

Around 200 different cards will be available at the time of the game’s release, and the single-player campaigns will be doubled by weekend-long PvP tournaments and team-based battles, to make Marvel: War of Heroes more than just a boring kids’ game which you can finish in a couple of days. Fortunately, regular card-based game rules will be simplified as well, according to DeNA statements, so you won’t have to prepare your five-minute campaigns for hours, as it sometimes happens with titles in this genre.

More details about the game’s storyline will be unveiled in a few weeks or so, when we should also be able to sneak a peek at the first few photos and videos of actual gameplay. In the meantime, you can sign up at this link to be notified about the release, but also to get an exclusive free card which can’t be found anywhere else in the game.

Anyone excited about Marvel: War of Heroes?

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