It’s been almost exactly a year since Nintendo revealed plans to bring its hugely popular Mario Kart series to mobiles. The Japanese gaming powerhouse said the Android and iOS game would launch before March 2019, but after months without hearing the faintest rev of an engine, the company has now confirmed Mario Kart Tour has been pushed back to a Summer release window.

Nintendo announced the delay within its quarterly earnings report for Q3 2018. The extra time is apparently necessary “in order to improve quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch,” the report reads.

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It’s a shame that we’ll have to wait a bit longer until the Mushroom Kingdom’s greatest racers hit the track on mobile, but it’s probably best Nintendo takes its time with it considering the ridiculously high bar of quality the series is known for.

The second part of the statement suggests that Nintendo wants to ensure the game remains fresh with updates after its initial launch. That should help avoid some of the same criticisms levelled at the first mobile Mario game, Super Mario Run, which got off to a great start but quickly became stale and underperformed against the company’s expectations.

Nintendo’s report also showed that its mobile offerings are yet to pay off in the same way as its other businesses. Analyst Daniel Ahmad highlighted the massive gulf between Nintendo’s mobile revenue (2 percent) against other platforms, with the Switch home-handheld console topping the lot with a huge 90 percent share.

There are encouraging signs, however. Boosted by the launch of free-to-play RPG Dragalia Lost and the continued success of Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s revenue from mobile title jumped up by 31 percent year on year. The 14.6 billion yen ($134 million) total represents the highest return since the company announced plans to enter the mobile sector way back in 2015.

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