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Magzet magnetic jack wants to protect your audio gear

Magzet is Kickstarting its idea for a magnetic audio jack, designed to make it easier to switch between multiple devices and help avoid gadget calamities.

Published onMarch 24, 2015

Magzet, an idea currently being pitched through Kickstarter, wants to replace the industry standard 3.5mm headphone jack used in our computers, phones and tablets with its new magnetic equivalent. Not only is it designed to make switching between devices a little more convenient, but could also help avoid a gadget calamity.

I’m sure many of you have given your headphone cable an accidental tug once or twice, and sent them or your phone clattering to the floor. This is partly the reason why headphone manufacturers are increasingly adding a connection at both ends of the cable. Magzet wants to go one better, by offering a quick and easy attach and detach solution using magnets.

The premise is elegant in its simplicity. A “MAGjack” slots into your device in the same way as the regular jack would, but sits there doing nothing until you connect up the “MAGkap” cable connection. Magnets hold the two parts together to make the connection, allowing for easy switching between devices and a quick break in case of a tug, without damaging the cable or your precious technology. As Magzet is compatible with existing sockets, all your usual Android voice call, skip track, and other features will still work as normal.

Furthermore, you can leave the MAGjack plugged in without causing your device to appear muted. Some patent pending technology means that devices don’t see the jack until the connection is completed.

The Kickstarter has a goal of $294,000, to pay for miniaturization, components and to ramp up manufacturing to bring the product to market. Early backers can grab themselves various Magzet packages, starting at $20 and ending at $90, which might be a bit pricey for what is essentially a cable. If all goes well, the final, miniaturized device is scheduled to ship out before the end of the year.

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