Video game developer Madfinger Games has just announced a special edition version of the hit mobile shooter Shadowgun: Deadzone that puts users in control. Entitled Shadowgun: Deadzone GM Edition (Game Master’s Edition), this title will allow players to create new maps, modify weapons and characters, and even create their own game elements.

What this essentially means is that the game is getting full modding support, allowing players to change many more aspects of the game than most other titles with modding support. If you take a look at the video and screenshots attached to this post, you can see that it seems relatively easy to create and modify maps and characters, which is definitely a nice addition to the already advanced title.

Players interested in modding with the new GM’s kit can download it from the Unity link attached below. The kit comes with 2 full maps, 21 different weapons and can be played by up to 12 players at one time. Each player can also create their own gaming server to play on, as well.

If you’ve never played Shadowgun: Deadzone, now may be a good time to do so. And who knows, if you like the game, maybe you’ll eventually start modding it with the new GM’s kit. Be sure to head to the Play Store link below if you’re interested.

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