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The Light Phone 2 is really simple, really tiny, and available now

The Light Phone 2 is available to buy right now, no crowdfunding donations necessary.

Published onSeptember 4, 2019

If you find yourself having a hard time “unplugging” from your smartphone, you might need something that will keep you connected but in only a limited capacity. Luckily, the Light Phone 2 is here to solve that problem, and it’s available to buy today — no crowdfund backing needed.

If you’ll remember, we talked about the Light Phone 2 back in early 2018. Back then, the device was still in development and looking for crowdfunding. People who backed that project should start seeing their Light Phones very soon, but if you didn’t back it, you can just buy it outright for $350.

So what is the Light Phone 2? It’s a very tiny smartphone (just 95.85 x 55.85 x 8.75mm) with an e-ink, monochrome display. At launch, the device only does three things: make phone calls, send text messages, and set alarms. Light says that it will introduce new functions eventually, but it will always keep simplicity in mind.

The point of the phone is to only offer the very core functionality you need from a smartphone without all the “inessential” stuff. As such, Light is probably never going to bring Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram apps to the device. However, it might introduce things like Google Maps, ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft, etc.

One thing Light says will never come is advertising, which is certainly a relief.

Light Phone 2

Most people will likely use the Light Phone 2 as a substitute device. For example, you could take your SIM card out of your “real” phone, pop it into the Light Phone 2, and then go out on the town without needing to lug around your giant, expensive smartphone. You could also use it for hiking, studying, or other situations where having a regular smartphone is either impractical or a distraction.

However, you could go all-in and use the device as your primary smartphone. Light even offers phone service for just $30 per month.

Unlike how the Palm Phone originally launched — another super tiny Android-based device — the Light Phone 2 is not a “companion” device, in that you do not need to keep it linked to another phone for it to work.

To learn more about the Light Phone 2, check out our original article on the crowdfunding launch here. To buy one for yourself for $350, click the button below!

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